The Journey Begins

The Wolf of Wall Eat

I want to start by saying most of us are probably guilty of the same thing, and that’s giving in to the instant gratification monkey at some point in our lives.  Seriously, give that video a watch – it’s bloody hilarious.  Now, I use this video as part of my introduction because for one, who doesn’t like to laugh?  Secondly, when we can relate about something, regardless of what it is, we tend to be more open-minded.

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of ways to get fit and feel healthy but I realized recently that my focus was all wrong.  Now, it is no secret that exercise has positive effects on the brain.  It’s also no secret that exercise isn’t easy.  You know what IS easy?  Eating all those free donuts and bagels Sandy brings in to the office.  You know what else is easy?  A sedentary…

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Dominoes that you can eat!

Time to throw out those ratty ol’ stretch pants, and get ready to squeeze into your skinny jeans once again! You don’t have to count how many bread crumbs you eat or deprive yourself of delicious treats, just because you want to get healthier and lose a few pounds on the way to a healthier lifestyle.
These bars are delicious and not full of sugar. Make them, your teeth will thank you!

via Faux “Quest” Bars — Low Carb Panda