Oodles of Halloween makeup tutorials by Katie Alves

I made a post about the amazingness of Katie Alves last year, but today I’ve come across ther youtube channel that has many great costume makeup tutorials. Enjoy!






Her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7k5GH2DG-2wMUUBzk_sJyg

DIY Halloween Costumes

I love unique and easy to wear and make Halloween costumes. These are my favorites so far.

Comic Girl
[another version]



No Sew Jellyfish

nosew_jellyfishSome makeup ideas

These don’t have instructions, but the pictures are high resolution so I don’t think they’re needed. I’ve included a link to more makeup ideas/examples.

Bride of Frankenstein


Queen of Hearts

This one looks like it might have been air brushed on.


One creepy mummy