Oodles of Halloween makeup tutorials by Katie Alves

I made a post about the amazingness of Katie Alves last year, but today I’ve come across ther youtube channel that has many great costume makeup tutorials. Enjoy!






Her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7k5GH2DG-2wMUUBzk_sJyg

Creative and Beautiful Makeup by Sandra Holmbom

Her blog is in Swedish but she also writes in English. You can also use google translate to translate the whole page in the language you prefer. Just right click on the page and select translate. :) http://rodeo.net/sandraholmbom/

She also has tutorials!  http://rodeo.net/sandraholmbom/2014/02/05/tutorial-eyebrows/





The following images are a little graphic so I put them on the bottom in case you want to stop scrolling. The make-up is so well done it might make you queasy!

sandra2 sandra3 sandra4