Broken Age

I was reading an article completely unrelated to art and it had an image from the game ‘Broken Age.’ I quickly had to research the game, investigate, gather intel and share it with everybody.

This game was a kickstarter campaign that was extremely successful. The game is developed by Double Fine Studios in San Francisco. I’ve included some beautiful art and a trailer video. :D




Beautiful art by Mad Head Games

Last night I was searching the internet looking for desktop wallpaper to replace my Halloween themed one. I came across “Summit in the Forest” on Deviantart.

You can find out more about Mad Head Games on their website

and go to their Deviantart for some amazing high resolution art


“The Summit” by Uros Banjasevic, Mad Head Games


The Balcony


City Gates


The Story of Minecraft

minecraft-steveImage source

It all started with the love of Dwarf Fortress and Legos. Many people see working in the gaming industry as their ‘dream job’ because they do not realize what it takes to make a multimillion dollar game. It takes a lot of people, a whole lot of overtime and stress. After all that you don’t even get the credit for it. The big company does. Well, you do get your name in the credits… In tiny font mixed with other names written in tiny font. Some get tired of it, like Markus Persson, and make the grand decision to break away from the gaming industry rat race to start something great that they can call their own. More on